The Goofball Makeover Room

After minting your Goofball, you can spend $GOOF tokens to change the appearance of your Goofball in the Makeover Room.
You can try out the Makeover room in demo mode:

Or watch this demo video:

Background color

You can select a new background color for your Goofball. You can choose one of the 6 predefined colors or a custom color.

Rerolling traits

You can change traits of your Goofball.
When you purchase a trait reroll, your Goofball will get new, random traits instead of the one it currently has.
This means that the same algorithm that was used when the Goofball was minted will re-run for those traits.

For example, if you select "Head shape", your Goofball will get a random new head shape with the same chance as it had when it was minted. You can use the Rarity Explorer to get an idea of what the chances of certain head shapes will be.

To help you get an idea of what your Goofball may look like after the reroll, the Makeover Room shows you 4 examples of what could be the outcome of the reroll.

The same algorithm that generated the Goofball is used for the rerolls. A generation 1 Goofball will only get generation 1 traits. (For example, long hair or a Bitcoin shirt decoration are generation 2 traits and won't be rolled on a generation 1 Goofball.)
Legendary types may not have all traits available. For instance, aliens are always blue, so you can't reroll the Face Color.

Applying rerolls

After you purchase a reroll, within a minute after the successful blockchain transaction you can review the reroll. You have 48 hours time to apply or potentially undo the reroll if you're unhappy with the change (undoing a reroll doesn't refund any $GOOF or ETH though).

Saving the reroll or undoing it requires a metamask "signature" to prove that you're the owner of the Goofball. This "signature" doesn't cost any gas.

If you don't take action within 48 hours, the reroll will be cancelled and can't be applied anymore. (But you can reroll the same trait another time if you want.)

Costs per trait

The cost of rerolling a trait depends on the trait. Rerolling traits is cheaper for human Goofballs than for the legendary ones (cat, bear, cyborg and alien).
TraitCost for HumanCost for Legendary
Hair and Beard500 $GOOF2000 $GOOF
Head shape500 $GOOF2000 $GOOF
Face Colors250 $GOOF1000 $GOOF
Eyes350 $GOOF1400 $GOOF
Nose and Mouth350 $GOOF1400 $GOOF
Clothes350 $GOOF1400 $GOOF
If you don't have enough $GOOF, you can buy the necessary $GOOF for ETH as part of the reroll transaction. ETH income will go into the community wallet.