Goofball Gang

Hi, I'm a goofball

I look at your mouse cursor
and talk when you click me

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Goofball strengths at a glance

✅ 20% of mint revenue into community fund
✅ No-stake $GOOF utility token
✅ Endless customizability in Goofball editor
✅ Instant reveal after mint
✅ Credible, experienced team


Minting cost
0.05 ETH
+ gas (@ 100 gwei)
0.02 ETH
0.07 ETH
Price per Goofball: ETH. The smart contract will assign random Goofballs upon minting based on unpredictable blockchain randomness.

Rarity and Traits

Each NFT is algorithmically generated from 14 different traits with varying rarity. There are 5 character types:










1% (gen1 only)


All traits can be further explored in our custom Goofball Rarity Explorer.

What makes Goofball Gang a high-quality collection?


We move the technology behind NFTs forward from the many static image collections towards a more interactive and real-time experience. We use the latest web technologies for this and will keep working on more extensions in the near future.


Fair distribution: all tokens are distributed for the same price of 0.05 Ξ. We revealed the entire collection pre-mint and we do not determine who gets which token -- blockchain randomness does. On-chain logic selects a random token index from the available Goofball tokens when you mint. So it's not possible for anyone -- even the Goofball team -- to know in advance who gets which Goofball.

Giving back to the community: we've set up a community fund [etherscan] that collects 20% of the initial sales revenue. The royalty fee on secondary sales has been set to 5% and 75% of those royalties will also go into the community fund. The fund will be used for the benefit of the Goofball project and its holders, for instance by funding floor sweeping or marketing activities.

Experienced team

The team behind Goofballs and Finemints consists of Uwe & Mathijs, two ex-Google engineers with a long track record in mobile, web and back-end software development.

We've had an exciting career in Android development and adtech and have now set our sights on the crypto space under the name "Finemints". We made ChainText, one of the first on-chain text NFTs.

We won more than $6,000 in prizes at HackMoney 2021, the largest DeFi hackathon of 2021 with our project 'TokenBlend'.

Goofball Gang is our next big blockchain project and we're aspiring to make it the next blue-chip NFT.

Come chat with us on Discord if you have questions, suggestions or other feedback!


  • October 1st 2021: first drop of 256 tokens. 20% cats (special type) and 80% humans. Sold out in 3 days
  • October 7-14th 2021: Goofball Rarity Explorerand Goofball Editor launched! Discover rare Goofballs and compare the different traits. The editor allows you to customize your Goofball and easily take pictures and record a video.
  • October 22nd 2021: final drop. Generation 2 Goofballs (numbers higher than 256) have cyborgs, aliens and bears as rare special characters and many new traits for the humans.
  • November 4th 2021: setup of community fund wallet [etherscan]. 20% of the initial sale revenue and 75% of secondary market royalties (5%) will be collected by the community fund. The community fund will support the Goofball NFT price ('floor sweeping'), fund giveaways and marketing activities after the initial sale and be more active once the utility contract has been launched.
  • November 16th 2021: launch of $GOOF utility token. Initial support for changing your Goofball's name.
  • November 22nd 2021: More animations (talking and pivoting head), and speech balloons launched. Mint count > 850.
  • Short term, date TBD:
    • Reroll traits for $GOOF tokens
    • Using $GOOF tokens to claim new Goofballs
    • More integrations and marketing outreach
  • Discuss future plans on Twitter or in the Goofball Gang Discord community.



Number of Goofballs

Goofball NFTs have been minted so far.

Price per piece

The cost of minting a new Goofball is ETH + gas fees.

Total supply of Goofballs

At most 5472 Goofballs can ever be created on the blockchain.