Goofball Utility Token: $GOOF

Goofballs have a utility token called $GOOF. This is a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token.
$GOOF is a utility token for the Goofball ecosystem. It's not an investment and has no direct economic value. Goofballs don't have to be staked to earn $GOOF, but you do have to activate the collection and need to claim $GOOF to use it.


The top of your wallet will show you if some of your Goofballs are not yet activated for collecting $GOOF.

Example screenshot of your wallet.

Pressing the orange button will activate $GOOF collection. The first claim costs quite some gas as it needs to create entries on the blockchain for each Goofball. Later claims will be cheaper in terms of gas.

Accumulated $GOOF is connected to the Goofball token itself before you claim it. If you sell the Goofball before claiming $GOOF, the new owner will be able to claim the accumulated $GOOF of that Goofball.


Every Goofball will collect 10 $GOOF per day until January 1st 2027.

Using $GOOF

$GOOF can be used to give your Goofball a custom name and to reroll traits of your Goofball.
Changing the name of your Goofball costs 1,000 $GOOF tokens. For more information about rerolling traits, see the page about the Makeover Room.

$GOOF blockchain details

You can view the verified contract of the $GOOF token on EtherScan.